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Firefighters cope after toddler dies in house fire | News

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Firefighters cope after toddler dies in house fire

Firefighters are finding ways to cope after a toddler died in a Monday night fire.

Firefighters tried to enter the house on Skyline Drive to save 23-month-old Eli Blaze Dellinger, but the fire was too intense.


Toddler dies in Knoxville house fire, 3 others injured

This is the first time a child has died in a house fire in Knoxville since 1999.

The department has chaplains for employees to speak to, as well as an Employee Assistance Program for people who need support.

"This is a big bombshell for us. This is a hurt. This is one of the ones that will be in the filing cabinets of their minds for the rest of their career and they will remember this," said chaplain Paul Trumpore.

KFD Captain DJ Corcoran said that sometimes the support comes from within the department itself. When peers discuss these situations with each other.

"You're with them for twenty four hours and sometimes it comes up. And you talk about it and that sort of helps," said Corcoran.

Kevin Faddis responded to that 1999 fire that killed a toddler.

He said they were able to save five out of six kids in that house, but the child that didn't make it out still weighs on his mind. But he doesn't look at it as a failure.

He still sees one of the girls he saved on occasion.

"When I was in their I was praying. I have to find that girl. And I will never forget I already passed and checked that room. And I went back and checked that room again after I said a little prayer and there she was. We got her out and resuscitated her, and now she is walking around Knoxville living, breathing and enjoying life," said Faddis.

Some of the firefighters are collecting clothes for the family that lost everything. The Knoxville Firefighter's Association is collecting money for donations as well. You can contact the Knoxville Firefighter's Association at (865) 524-3473.


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