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KPD officer shot twice by suspect is out of hospital | News

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KPD officer shot twice by suspect is out of hospital

Update Monday, 1:18 pm:

(WBIR) Police said a man killed in an officer-involved shooting in east Knoxville severely beat his ex-girlfriend before officers arrived.

The woman suffered multiple injuries, including a broken nose, said Knoxville police. She told officers when she and a friend tried to call 911, her ex-boyfriend, 31-year-old Lonnie Fleeming, fired his gun near them and ran out of the house on McConnell Street.

Officer Derrick White said when he found Fleeming walking near Selma Avenue and Chestnut Street, the suspect took off running. Officer

White chased Fleeming into the woods and down a creek bank. Fleeming then fired multiple shots at the officer, hitting him at least twice. White managed to shoot the suspect, injuring him.

When officer Thomas Turner arrived, Fleeming reached for a second weapon, forcing officers to shoot the suspect again more than once. Fleeming died at the scene.

Crews took White to the University of Tennessee Medical Center for treatment. Doctors released him late Saturday night, but he will have to have follow-up medical evaluations.

In March, police charged Fleeming with aggravated assault for beating his ex-girlfriend. In that incident, Fleeming was accused of hitting his ex-girlfriend in the eye and then throwing a bucket of bleach on her head and face. The woman suffered chemical burns, which disfigured her face. Police said Fleeming then dragged his ex-girlfriend down the street, causing multiple injuries to her face and chest. At the time of the shooting, an outstanding warrant was out for Fleeming's arrest for that assault.

The Knoxville Police Department said it will place White and Turner on administrative leave with pay during the investigation. This is a standard procedure for an officer-involved shooting.

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(WBIR-Knoxville) A suspect is dead and a police officer was hit twice after a domestic dispute Saturday morning in East Knoxville.

Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch said his department took a call just before 7 a.m. about a disturbance on McConnell Street.

Rausch said a woman there had been assaulted, and claimed the man had a firearm.

The suspect fled before officers got to the scene. Rausch said a witness pointed officers in the right direction. One officer pursued the man on foot into a wooded area off Graves Street.

When the officer found the man, Rausch said the suspect fired at him, and struck him at least twice. The officer then returned fire.

When a second officer arrived, Rausch said the suspect refused his command, and reached for a second weapon. Both officers shot and hit him.

The suspect, whose name has not yet been released, died at the scene.

Rausch said the officer hit was wearing a bullet-proof vest, and caught one of the rounds, but the second bullet hit him in the arm. KPD has also not released the officer's name, but said he was taken to UT Medical Center.

"At this point we're told that he's okay," Rausch said. "He's awaiting further evaluation at UT Hospital."

Rausch said KPD found two firearms on the suspect at the scene.

Neighbors woke up to the sound of gunshots, and are still trying to figure out what happened on their street.

"I just moved here, like, two weeks ago," said Daniel Anderson – who said the scene unraveled just behind his home. "We're getting ready to let the dogs out… and two cops [came] from behind the house, one of them was bleeding.

"It's just crazy," he added. "Unexpected. I thought it was just because one of the cops was hurt. I didn't know someone had died until I came back and [saw] that corner blocked off."

"Nothing like that goes on around here," added another neighbor, Larry Reins. "It's usually quiet around here except for a few speeding cars up and down the road – that's about it."

Reins also woke to the sound of gunfire.

"What's going to happen tomorrow?" he said. "I just hope it straightens up around here."

Both neighbors said they didn't know who the identity of the shooter.

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