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Erin and John preview Outdoor KnoxFest

Outdoor KnoxFest is a three-day adventure for outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels. There are a total of 8 events this weekend, ranging from a bike rides and paddle boarding, to rock climbing.

The City of Knoxville offers hundreds of acres of flowers and fields, miles of greenway, and quarries and lakes alike. Outdoor Knoxville is using KnoxFest as a gateway to all that Knoxville has to offer.

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Demolition begins in Walter P. Taylor Homes

A new start for an east Knoxville housing project that's often been in the headlines for violence

Demolition began at the Walter P. Taylor Homes on Friday. 

Police shut down home, business for nuisance violations

Knoxville police and the district attorney's office have made two so-called nuisance closures just in the past 24 hours.

Officers padlocked a home on Witt Place after receiving numerous complaints about people selling drugs. The home is very close to Morningside Park.

They also shut down a business called "Muzic in da City" on Western Avenue. Investigators say they bought drugs there several times.

KPD and the district attorney's office have shut down nearly 30 homes and businesses using the nuisance law in the past couple of years.

Cross-country walk leads couple through East Tennessee

What do you do after graduating college? If you're a California couple, you start walking...across the country.

 Levi Stiles and Shikira Severson left New York in July and plan to walk the 3500 miles back to San Franciso.

"We've been  on the road for 44 days so far," Stiles tells Live at Five at 4, we first heard about them from a Knoxville couple, Betty and Ron, who had met the pair and offered them a place to stay the night and also a home-cooked breakfast.

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Sarah Moore Greene tribute portrait now on display at school

A special tribute to long-time education advocate Sarah Moore Greene found a new home.

A tribute portrait to Greene is now on display inside her namesake school, Sarah Moore Greene Elementary Magnet.

It shows Greene in different stages of her life, from old black and white photos, to the most recent from her 102nd birthday celebration earlier this year.

Her family says they couldn't think of a better place to display the portrait.

Third generation doctor shares words of wisdom

Third generation doctor shares words of wisdom

A long time physician in Knoxville is a third generation doctor whose gained a lot of medical and non-medical wisdom over the years.

He often shares his timeless advice with patients.

There's never a charge for homespun wisdom at the Christenberry Clinic.

"Rapid weather change causes pressure head aches. And you know in East Tennessee if you don't like the weather wait three days and it will change. So we'll hope it will change for the better next time," Dr. Ken Christenberry explained to one patient.

Zoo exhibit housing lions, baboons now open

The Knoxville Zoo's nearly $2 million new exhibit is officially open.

Several dignitaries helped cut the ribbon on the Valley of the Kings exhibit Wednesday. It's home to African lions and baboons.

The exhibit includes a 6,000 square foot building with a wing for each species and a courtyard so zoo visitors can see the animals.

It's a big project the zoo has been working on for a while.